• Where to watch: Netflix
  • Language: Spanish
  • Year: 2019
  • Show Date: 2024-05-11
Quien a Hierro Mata
Legendary Gallician drug dealer Antonio Padín is pardoned from the jail due to humanitarian reasons, after to have a terminal disease. Aging, weak and ill, Antonio goes freely into a seniors residence instead to go his home with two sons, older and more cerebral Toño and younger and more aggressive Kiko, despising them openly in the belief that they two will ruin the family business. In the residence Antonio meets Mario, nursery chief and his personal assistant who expects his first baby with his six months pregnant wife Julia. Motivated by the revenge after Sergio, Mario's younger brother who was one of the Antonio's drug pushers and an addict who died 25 years ago by overdose, Mario cares Antonio by day, but makes him sick by night as retribution. At the same time, Toño and Kiko make a deal with a Chinese mob named Mrs. Kong in cooperation with a Colombian drug cartel, but things go wrong: Kong betrays Toño and Kiko killing their henchmen, and a police operation arrests Kong and Kiko but not Toño, who flees in the last second. The Colombian cartel demands Toño the money lost in the deal, who tries too free Kiko from the jail before his brother be killed. While Mario pretends to care Antonio worsening his health, Toño hurry up to save Kiko and take the control of the business. Nevertheless, tragedy appears when Julia learns about Mario's new patient, causing a sudden bleeding that puts the unborn baby in risk. Despite Julia's request to Mario for leaving his revenge, he is unable to stop until see Antonio dead, still knowing that it will face with Toño. But Mario doesn't counts with Antonio's evil to pay Mario's cares.